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Wire and cable safety current load meter
Announcer:Technical    Date:2019/4/16 10:47:42   Views:494


PS: The room temperature is a single core load under normal 30 °C conditions.

The definition of safe current: the current that the conductor or insulator of the system can withstand before dissolving, the heat current flows through the conductor, so the current increases.

The conductor temperature will rise, and the factors affecting the current flow are described as follows:

Conductor size: The larger the conductor area, the greater the current carrying.

Insulation: The temperature generated by the current must not exceed the rated temperature of the insulator.

Ambient temperature: If the ambient temperature is too high, the rated temperature that the insulator can withstand will be reduced.

Number of conductors: If the conductors are separated, the heat dissipation effect is excellent, and the plurality of conductors are combined to have a poor heat dissipation effect.

Conductor device: The conductor is placed in the wire trough, and the safety current is reduced in the distribution pipe or pipe because heat dissipation is limited.

The following table compares the different factors compared with a single conductor with an ambient temperature of 30 ° C. It can be used as a reference for safe current in wire and cable.

Temperature coefficient of multiple conductors